Ghost Towns in the Humboldt Range

Pershing County, Nevada

Star mine image

Star City. Old mining rig upstream from Star City. June 1997

Star city image

Star City. Ruins of a stone building. June 1997

Fitting image

Fitting. Ruins of a bottle house near a spring above the ghost town of Fitting. In yesteryear, they recycled bottles by building houses out of them. Perhaps the saying should be, "People living in glass houses shouldn't shoot guns." June 1997

Rochester image

Rochester. Mill at mining town named after some place in New York. June 1997

Lower roch image

Lower Rochester. Remains of stamp mill in foreground. Named after a mining town in Nevada. June 1997

low roch image

Lower Rochester. A mine. June 1997

Pachard image

Packard. Wooden cabin. Yes, this ghost town was named after the automobile. June 1997

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