Lovelock Walkabout

Pershing County, Nevada

A Nevada walkabout is what most others might call a "pub crawl". While many consider Lovelock as a sleepy farming community, it does have a decent collection of bars. Here are a few spots to hit.

The Party image

The Party. Once in while you find a bar that also serves as a motel office, but in this case, here's a motel office that serves as a locals bar.

Ranchhouse image

The Ranch House, an old saloon facing the tracks. It has several old ranching scene murals on its walls. Next door is Walk's Place, another old bar, but which has been closed the last two visits.

Davins image

Davin's, a lounge.

Western image

Western Club

Crazy image

Crazy Corners Saloon. Not crawling distance at about two miles from town, this saloon is a great place to check out none the less.

All pictures June 1997.
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