Old Nevada Saloons

Pony Express Territory

The U.S. Highway 50 corridor through Central Nevada is called "The Pony Express Territory" by the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

Owl Club

Eureka. Eureka County, Nevada. Nevada Club and Owl Club. September 1996.

Keyhole Bar

Eureka. Eureka County, Nevada. Keyhole Bar. September 1996.

Austin - International

Austin, Landers County, Nevada. International Saloon. This is not a ghost town. People live here. Yeah, more than one. Don't get locals mad and call this place a ghost town. The 1996 graduating class of Austin High School may get irritated and come after you, all three of them. June 1996.

Cold Springs image

Cold Springs, Churchill County, Nevada. Overland Mail, Pony Express, and Telegraph Stations were all near this site. May 1997.

Middlegate image

Middlegate, Churchill County, Nevada. An endangered species, the real cowboy, can occationally be seen here. I think they're after the great deli sandwiches. 1996.

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