Old Nevada Saloons

Big Smoky Valley Area

In The Northeastern Part of Nye County, Nevada

Dirty Dick image

Dirty Dick's Belmont Saloon, Belmont, Nye County, Nevada. Open weekends only. Their Belmont Bloody Mary is a must-try. August 1997.

Carvers image

Carvers, Nye County, Nevada. Currently closed for remodeling. August 1997.

Manhattan Bar Image

The Manhattan. Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada. Uptown. August 1997.

Miners Saloon image

Miners Saloon. Manhattan, Nye County, Nevada. Downtown. August 1997.

Palace Club image

Palace Club. Round Mountain, Nye County, Nevada. The town of Round Mountain has been moved to Hadley, a few miles to the West. Only a few die hards remain in the old town. This closed saloon is unlikely to reopen. August 1997.

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