Old Nevada Saloons

White Pine County

the west half

The sign on Highway 50 says, "Visit Historic New Ruth," sounds like an oxymoron. The company town of Ruth was moved in the 1950's to make room for the tailings of one of the world's largest open pit copper mines. The two saloons shown below predate the move.

Ruth Club image

Ruth Club, New Ruth, White Pine County, Nevada. Off of U.S. Highway 50, east of Ely. May 1998.

Commercial Club

Commercial Club Bar & Grill. New Ruth, White Pine County, Nevada. May 1998.

Lane Lounge image

Lane Ranch Motel Lounge. State Highway 318, near Preston, White River Valley, White Pine County, Nevada. Lovelock may have a bar in its a motel office; this place has its lounge in one of its rooms. It is not know whether you can rent this room. May 1998.


Halstead's Blackjack Inn. White Pine County, Nevada. A roadhouse, long closed. At the junction of U.S. Highway 6 and State Highway 318. May 1998.

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