Nevada Mining Districts

Clark County

yes Alunite Au W alunite
yes Apex limestone
yes Arden gypsum,silica sand
no Arrow Canyon Range silica, building stone
no Black Mountains Fe Mn
no Bunkerville Cu Au Ag W Ni Pt Pb Co Be U Ti mica,gypsum
yes Charleston Pb Zn Ag gypsum
yes Crescent Ag Au Pb Cu Mo V Be Th U turquoise,perlite
yes Dike Pb
yes Eldorado Ag Au Pb Zn Cu Hg U Be Th
no Gass Peak Zn Ag Pb Au U
no Gold Butte Au Cu Pb Zn Ag W U Be Th Ti mica,magnesite,brucite
yes Goodsprings Zn Pb Ag Au Cu Pt Pd V Co Mo U Sb Ti perlite
lost Hellzapoppin'
no Joe May Canyon Pb Zn Ag
yes Las Vegas Mn Pb Zn Cu gypsum
yes McClanahan Au Ag Cu turquoise,alum
no Moapa U gypsum,magnesite,silica
yes Muddy Mountains borates,bentonite,gypsum,magnesite,sodium sulfate
yes Newberry Au Ag Cu Sb Th
yes Searchlight Au Ag Pb Cu Mo V turquoise,perlite
no Slate building stone
yes Sloan U V limestone,dolomite,silica sand
yes St. Thomas sodium chloride,glauberite,silica sand,magnesite
no Sunset Au Pb Ag Cu U
no Sutor U V
no White Caps Pb Zn Ag

Clark County Summary
11 no go + 15 been there + 1 no find = 27 Districts

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