Nevada Mining Districts

Elko County

no Alder W Ag Au Pb Cu Mo U
yes Aura Au Ag Cu Pb Zn Sb
no Beaver Ag Au barite, turquoise
no Black Mountain Ag Pb barite
yes Bootstrap Au Ag Sb Hg barite
no Burner Ag Pb Zn As
yes Carlin Au Ag U V Zn Mn diatomite,oil shale,barite
no Cave Creek Ag Pb Cu barite
yes Charleston Au Cu Ag Sb Pb Zn W U barite
no Coal Mine Pb Cu Ag Zn oil shale,barite,phosphate
lost Colverwell
yes Contact Cu Ag Pb Au Zn W Mo U Th
no Cornucopia Ag Au Cu Pb Sb
no Corral Creek Pb Zn Ag Cu W Be
no Decoy Mn Au Ag
no Delano Ag Pb Zn Cu W Mo Sb Sn
no Delker Cu Pb Zn Ag U
no Divide Ag Au Sb
no Dolly Varden Cu Ag Pb Zn Au Mo Th U
no Edgemont Au Ag Pb Cu Zn W Mo U As
no Elk Mountain W Cu Au Ag Mo Sb
yes Elko oil shale,phosphate
no Ferber Cu Pb Ag Au
yes Ferguson Spring Cu Ag Pb Zn
no Gilbert Canyon Be Cb Ta U
no Gold Basin Au Ag Cu
yes Gold Circle Au Ag Pb Cu Zn Hg
no Good Hope Ag Sb Au As
no Goose Creek Ag Pb U V barite
lost Grand Junction
yes Halleck Au Ag
yes Harrison Pass W Ag Be
no Hicks Ag Pb Zn Au Mn Cu Sb
yes Huntington Creek bentonite
no Independence Mountains Au Ag Sb Hg Ti barite
yes Island Mountain Ag Pb Zn Sb Cu Au W U As barite
no Ivanhoe Hg Au
yes Jarbidge Au Ag W Mo Cu Pb barite
no Kinsley Cu Au Pb W Ag marble
no Lafayette Pb Ag Au
no Larrabee Ag Cu barite
no Lee Pb Zn Cu Ag Au barite
yes Lime Mountain Cu Ag Au
no Loray Pb Ag Cu Zn Au
no Lucin Pb Zn Ag Cu Au Mo
no Merrimac Pb Zn Ag Cu Au W Sb Fe turquoise
no Montello phosphate
no Moor Pb Cu Zn limestone,marble,silica
yes Mountain City Cu Ag Au Pb Zn Sb U W Mo As
no Mud Springs Pb Ag Zn Au Cu
yes Pequop phosphate,barite
no Pilot Peak Ag Au Cu Pb Zn
lost Placerville
yes Proctor W Ag Cu limestone
no Railroad Pb Cu Ag Au Zn W Fe Ti Be barite
no Robinson Mountain Au V U barite
no Rock Creek Ag Au Hg Sb
no Ruby Valley W Pb Zn Cu Ag Au Be
no Scraper Springs Ag zunyite,barite
no Snake Mountains barite
yes Snowstorm Mountains Au
yes Spruce Mountain Pb Ag Zn Cu Mo W Au
no Swales Mountain Au Pb Zn Ag W turquoise,barite
no Tecoma Pb Ag Cu Zn Au Sb Mo barite
yes Tuscarora Au Ag Pb Cu Hg As
no Valley View W Be U mica
no Warm Creek Zn Pb Cu Ag Au
yes Wells W Be Au limestone,building stone
yes Wendover W decorative stone
no White Horse Pb Zn W Ag
lost Wolf Mountain

Elko County Summary
45 no go + 22 been there + 4 no find = 71 Districts

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