Nevada Mining Districts

Mineral County

yes Ashby Au Ag Cu Sb Pb
yes Aurora Au Ag
yes Basalt diatomite
yes Bell Ag Pb Zn Au W Mo Hg Fe As
yes Borealis Au Ag
yes Broken Hills Ag Pb Au Sb fluorspar
no Buckley Cu W Fe Au
no Calico Hills Fe Cu
yes Candelaria Ag Au Pb Sb Cu Ni variscite,turquoise,barite
no Double Springs Marsh sodium carbonate,sdium sulfate
yes Eagleville Au Ag W barite
no Eastside Cu Hg turquoise
yes Fitting Ag Au Pb Cu W Fe U Th barite,montmorillonite,andalusite,corundum
yes Garfield Ag Au Cu Pb W Sb
yes Huntoon Au Ag
no King Au Ag Pb
yes Leonard W Au Sb
yes Lucky Boy Ag Au Pb Sb W Mo U barite,gypsum
yes Marietta Ag Pb W Cu U Be
yes Masonic Au Ag W
yes Mount Grant Au Ag Mo
no Mountain View Cu Au Ag Pb W Sb gypsum
yes Pamlico Au Cu Ag U Fe barite
yes Pilot Mountains W Hg Ag Au Pb Cu Mo Sb turquoise,montmorillonite
yes Poinsettia Hg Au Sb Cu
yes Rand Cu Au Ag Pb Zn Mo U potash,turquoise
yes Rawhide Au Ag Cu Pb Sb Hg
no Red Ridge U
yes Rhodes Marsh borates,sodium chloride,sodium sulfate,montmorillonite
yes Sante Fe Au Cu Ag W Pb Sb U Fe
no Silver Star W Ag Pb Cu Au U Sb Mn Be montmorillonite
yes Sodaville Mn W
no Sulphide Au W
yes Teels Marsh borates,sodium chloride
lost Victoria
yes Whisky Flat Cu Ag Au W

Mineral County Summary
9 no go + 26 been there + 1 no find = 36 Districts

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