Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Esmeralda County

yes Agency Birch
yes Alida Valley mine
yes Alkali 1903
yes Arlemont xpo 1916
yes Black Rock
yes Blair xpo mine rr 1906
yes Blair Junction xpo rr 1920
yes Borax City mine 1875
lost Buckley xpo 1907
lost Buena Vista xpo 1911
yes Bullfrog Junction rr
no Calmville xpo mine 1893
lost Cambridge xpo mine 1879
lost Chases
no Columbia xpo mine rr 1902
no Columbia Junction rr
yes Columbus xpo mine 1865
no Copperfield xpo mine 1907
lost Cottonwood Well
yes Coyote Hole
yes Crow Springs mine 1902
no Dea xpo 1907
yes Del Bondido mine
yes Diamondfield xpo 1904
no Dunlap Mill mine
yes Fish Lake xpo 1881
yes Fish Lake Camp
lost Five Mile Station
yes Florence Hill
no GCM Mill mine rr
no Gates Mill mine
yes Gemfield
yes General Thomas Camp mine 1907
no Gilbert xpo mine 1924
no Gold Hitt mine 1905
no Gold Mountain mine 1901
no Gold Mountain xpo mine 1881
lost Gold Net
no Gold Reef mine 1909
yes Goldfield (Main Line) Jct. rr
no Goldfield Junction rr
lost Goldhorn mine
lost Hogs Back
yes Hornsilver (Gold Point) xpo mine 1908
no Hot Spring
no Keith rr
yes Klondyke xpo mine rr 1899
no Loma xpo 1907
no Mary Mine xpo 1909
lost McGibbon mine
yes McLeans rr 1904
no McSweeny rr
no McSweeny Junction rr
no Millers xpo rr 1904
yes Milltown rr
yes Montezuma xpo mine 1880
no Montezuma Wells
lost Nine Mile House
yes Nivloc xpo mine 1907
no Norman Mill mine
no Old Camp
yes Old Junction rr
yes Oneota xpo mine 1870
no Oriental xpo mine 1871
yes Palmetto xpo mine 1866
no Phillipsburg mine 1906
yes Pigeon Spring xpo mine 1890
no Pipeline Summit mine
yes Rabbit Springs mine
no Red Rock rr
yes Rockhill rr
lost Rockland xpo 1871
yes Roosevelt Well mine 1906
lost Sand Spring
lost Senner xpo 1891
lost Sigold xpo 1919
yes Stateline
yes Stella rr
no Stewarts Mill
lost Stimler xpo mine 1907
yes Sylvania mine 1872
lost Table Mountain
yes The Crossing
yes Tokop mine 1890
lost Treasure Hill mine
yes Tule Canyon xpo mine 1867
yes Weepah xpo mine 1902
no West Spring
yes Wood Yard rr
no Woodruff xpo 1882

Esmeralda County Summary
31 no go + 41 been there + 18 no find = 90 Total Places

Symbol Key:

Other Nevada Counties: Churchill , Clark , Douglas , Elko , Eureka , Humbolt , Lander , Lincoln , Lyon , Mineral , Nye , Ormsby , Pershing , Storey , Washoe , White Pine

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