Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Nye County

yes Allred xpo 1911
lost Amagosa xpo 1901
yes Amargosa xpo 1906
yes Amargosa Station rr
yes Ancram rr
yes Antelope xpo 1904
no Antelope Springs mine 1911
lost Area 12 xpo 1973
yes Argentore mine 1875
no Arrastra
no Arrowhead xpo mine 1919
no Ash Meadows 1900
no Ashton rr 1906
no Athens mine 1912
no Atwood xpo mine 1901
no B J Wye
yes Babbock mine 1902
no Barcelona mine 1874
no Barrett xpo 1882
yes Bartlett mine 1875
no Baxter Spring mine 1906
yes Beatty Junction rr
yes Belcher
no Bellehelen xpo mine 1904
no Belmont Mine mine rr
yes Black Spring mine
no Blake's Camp mine 1905
yes Blue Eagle 1860
lost Blue Springs
no Bob mine 1905
lost Boiling Spring
lost Bonanza mine
no Bonita xpo 1907
yes Bonnie Claire xpo mine rr 1906
no Bowlerville mine
yes Bowmans 1908
lost Briar Spring
no Browne's Camp 1907
no Brucite mine
no Bruner xpo mine 1910
yes Bull Fork
lost Bull Spring Station
yes Bullfrog xpo mine rr 1904
yes Butler xpo mine 1901
yes Butterfield Spring 1867
no Cactus Springs mine 1919
no Camp Transvaal
yes Canon (Canyon) rr 1906
no Carr's Camp mine 1931
yes Carrara xpo rr 1904
no Carrolton mine 1867
no Cedar Spring 1906
no Cedar Spring mine 1900
yes Central xpo mine 1905
no Central City mine 1870
no Centrasville mine
no Charleston rr 1876
no Chloride (Danville) mine 1866
yes Chlorine rr
lost Chlorine
no Clarkdale mine 1930
no Clay Camp mine
yes Clear Creek 1904
no Clifford mine 1905
yes Cloverdale xpo 1886
no Craig Station
no Crane Canyon mine
yes Crockers Ranch 1904
yes Crows Nest
no Cuprite xpo mine rr 1902
no Danville xpo mine 1866
no Darrough Hot Springs
no Desert Queen Mine mine rr
yes Diamond Field mine 1903
no Downeyville xpo mine 1877
lost Doyles
no Duluth xpo mine 1907
yes East Manhattan mine 1906
no Eden 1905
lost El Dorado
no Ellendale mine 1909
no Ellsworth mine 1863
no Fairbanks Ranch 1900
no Fluorine xpo mine 1908
no Fork's Station
yes Frazier Wells 1901
lost Frenchman Flat
no Fresno mine 1903
no Georges Canyon mine 1903
yes Glen Hamilton xpo 1866
no Gold Bar xpo mine 1907
no Gold Belt mine 1905
yes Gold Center xpo rr 1904
no Gold Crater mine 1904
no Gold Flat mine 1905
no Gold Hill mine 1871
no Gold Point mine
no Gold Reed mine 1905
yes Golden xpo mine 1906
yes Golden Arrow mine 1904
yes Goldyke xpo mine 1905
yes Gordon xpo 1906
no Granite
no Grant City mine 1865
yes Grantsville xpo mine 1863
lost Green Springs xpo 1907
no Hannapah mine 1902
no Harriman mine 1907
lost Harrold's Ranch
no Helena xpo 1908
yes Hick's Hot Springs 1907
no Hicks Station 1875
no Highbridge Mill
lost Horn Silver mine
no Horseshoe mine 1908
yes Hot Creek xpo mine 1867
yes Hot Springs rr
yes Idlewild mine
no Indian Garden
no Indian Spring mine 1900
yes Indian Springs 1865
lost Indra xpo 1898
no Irwin Camp mine 1905
no Jackass Flats xpo 1963
no Jacksonville xpo rr 1906
no Jamestown xpo mine 1908
yes Jefferson xpo mine 1866
yes Jett xpo mine 1876
no Johnnie Mine mine 1891
yes Johnnie Station 1901
yes Junction xpo 1906
no Kawich xpo mine 1904
no Keystone xpo mine 1912
no Knickerbocker mine 1865
no Labbe Camp mine
no Lamb's Camp
yes Lathrop Wells 1958
lost Lauville mine
yes Learville (Searville) xpo 1868
no Leeland xpo rr 1906
yes Liberty mine 1867
no Lodi mine 1874
no Lodivale xpo 1909
no Longstreet mine
no Mammoth mine 1863
yes Manse xpo 1891
no Marble xpo mine 1917
no Marble Quarries rr
no Mellan mine 1930
no Mexican Camp mine
yes Midas xpo 1882
no Midway rr
yes Midway Station
yes Millett xpo 1906
no Mizpah Mine rr
no Monarch xpo rr 1906
yes Monitor mine 1875
yes Montana rr
no Monte Cristo mine
yes Montgomery xpo mine 1872
no Montgomery - Shoshone Mine rr
yes Moores Station 1875
yes Morey xpo mine 1866
yes Mormon Well
yes Morristown xpo 1904
no Mountain View
no Mud Springs rr
no Needles mine 1919
no New Reveille mine 1904
no Nixon 1905
no North Manhattan
yes Northumberland xpo mine 1885
no Nyopolis mine 1906
no O'Brien's mine 1904
no Okey Davis mine 1900
yes Old Page Place
no Old Reveille mine 1866
no Ophir mine 1863
no Original rr
no Orion mine 1904
yes Ostenside (Lockes)
no Pactolus xpo mine 1903
no Park Canyon xpo mine 1863
lost Patterson
yes Peavine xpo 1890
no Penelas
no Phinney mine
yes Phonolite xpo mine 1906
yes Pine Creek xpo 1873
no Pinto mine 1875
no Pioneer xpo mine rr 1907
no Point of Rocks rr
no Potomac mine 1863
no Pritchard xpo 1875
no Pueblo mine 1906
no Quartz Mountain mine 1905
yes Queen City mine
no Quincy (Royston) mine
no Rays mine 1902
lost Reese River xpo 1946
no Reveille xpo mine 1866
no Reveille Mill 1869
yes Rider rr
yes Roses Well rr 1906
no Royston mine 1905
no San Antonia xpo 1873
no San Antonio xpo mine 1863
no San Carlos rr
yes San Juan mine
lost San Juan
lost San Lorenzo mine
lost San Pedros mine
no Seymour mine
no Shamrock mine
yes Sharp xpo 1901
lost Silver Bend mine
no Silver Bow xpo mine 1904
no Silver Glance mine 1905
lost Silver Park mine
yes Silver Peak rr
yes Silver Point mine
yes Silverzone mine 1905
yes Smiths Station 1860
no Spanish Springs mine 1905
yes Springdale (Springvale) xpo rr 1907
no Stargo
no Stirling (Sterling) xpo mine 1907
no Stone House
no Stonewall mine 1904
no Stonewall rr
no Sulphide mine
no Summit City mine 1863
no Summit Station 1860
no T&T R.R. Jct. 1906
no Tates Station 1886
no Telluride mine
yes Thorp xpo 1905
lost Tie House rr
lost Toiyabe City xpo 1942
no Tolicha mine 1905
no Tom Burns Camp mine 1906
yes Tonogold mine
no Toyah
no Transvaal mine 1906
no Trappman's Camp mine 1904
no Troy xpo mine 1867
yes Twin River (Tates) xpo 1867
yes Twin Springs Ranch
yes Tybo xpo mine 1870
no Union xpo mine 1863
no Upper Town mine 1867
no Upper Weston mine 1863
no Valley View Mine rr
no Van Ness mine 1920
no Vignola's mine
yes Volcano mine 1905
no Wagner rr
no Wahmonie xpo mine 1905
no Warrior mine
no Washington xpo mine 1863
no Wellington mine 1904
no Wells Station
yes Whipple Ranch
no White Caps mine 1915
lost White River xpo 1889
no White Rock Spring mine 1900
no Willow Creek mine 1911
no Wilsons Camp xpo mine 1904

Nye County Summary
160 no go + 82 been there + 26 no find = 268 Total Places

Symbol Key:

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