Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

White Pine County

yes Adverse rr
yes Antelope Springs
yes Aurum xpo mine 1871
no Babylon mine 1868
no Barnes xpo 1902
yes Bassett
no Belmont Mill mine
no Black Horse xpo mine 1905
no Blaine mine 1908
lost Broadway xpo 1893
no Bromide Flat mine
no Buck Station 1869
no Butte Station 1860
yes Calumet
lost Canyon Station
no Cave City (Hamilton) mine
yes Centerville
lost Centreville
yes Cherry Creek Station rr
lost Cherry Spring
lost Chloride mine
no Claytons
yes Cleveland xpo 1882
no Cleveland Ranch xpo 1917
yes Cold Creek xpo 1879
lost Cooper
no Copper Flat rr
lost Currant Spring
lost Diamond Mountain xpo 1869
no Douglas
yes Doutre
lost Duck Creek xpo 1872
yes East Ely po rr 1908
no Eberhardt xpo mine 1869
no Egan xpo 1877
no Egan Canyon po 1865
yes Eight Mile House
yes Eight Mile Station
yes Ely Junction rr
yes Fort Ruby 1859
lost Glenco xpo 1891
no Glenn rr
no Gold Canyon mine
yes Green Springs
no Greens rr
yes Hiline Junction rr
yes Hobson xpo 1859
no Hogum mine
lost Hot Spring
no Hot Spring
no Hunter xpo mine 1871
yes Illipah xpo 1898
yes Jacobs Well 1860
no Joy xpo mine 1869
lost Keegan
lost Kent xpo 1899
yes Keystone rr
yes Keystone Junction
no Kimberly xpo mine 1903
yes Kogan Place
yes Lane xpo
yes Lane City 1867
no Lavon rr
lost Lehmans
lost Magnuson
lost Mammoth City
no McCoy
yes McGill Junction rr
yes McGill Smelter mine rr
lost Melvin xpo 1907
no Menken
yes Mineral City xpo 1870
lost Mizpah mine
no Monte Cristo mine 1865
no Mormon Smith Well
yes Mosier
no Mountain Springs
no Muncy (Muney) xpo 1882
yes Murry Creek
yes Newark mine 1866
no Osceola xpo mine 1872
no Parker xpo
no Picotillo
no Piermont mine 1869
no Pinto Creek Station mine 1865
lost Pleasant Valley xpo 1892
no Pogonip mine
yes Pogues Station 1870
lost Praire Gate
no Ragdump 1907
no Raiff rr
no Ray rr
yes Regan xpo 1906
no Riepetown (Reipetown) xpo mine 1907
lost Robinson mine
lost Rosemay xpo mine 1899
no Round Spring
no Ruby Hill mine 1871
no Ruby Valley Station
no Ruppes Place
no San Pedro xpo 1911
yes Schell Creek Station
yes Schellbourne xpo mine 1871
no Seligman xpo mine 1880
no Shermantown xpo mine 1869
yes Siegal xpo mine 1907
yes Simonsen xpo 1913
lost Skaggs xpo 1906
yes Smelter xpo 1907
yes Smelterville 1907
yes Spring Valley Station
no Stage Station
no Steptoe rr
no Steptoe xpo 1893
no Steptoe City 1907
lost Stockville xpo 1896
yes Stone House
yes Sunkist
no Sunnyside mine
no Swansea mine 1869
yes Taft xpo 1909
no Taylor xpo mine 1873
no Tesora (Treasure City) xpo 1869
yes The Cove
yes Tippett xpo 1896
no Treasure City xpo mine 1867
no Tungsten Mines xpo 1916
no Tungstonia xpo mine 1915
no Uvada xpo 1928
no Veteran mine rr 1906
no Ward xpo mine 1877
no Ward Charcoal Ovens
no Warm Springs rr
no White Pine City 1868
no Willow Grove
yes Yelland xpo 1924

White Pine County Summary
66 no go + 46 been there + 24 no find = 136 Total Places

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