Old Nevada Place Names

Places not listed on 1997/1998 Official Highway Map

Storey County

no American City xpo mine 1859
yes American Flat mine rr
yes Baltic rr
lost Bonanza City 1890
yes Clark xpo rr 1906
yes Comstock xpo mine 1923
yes Crown Point rr
yes Crown Point Trestle rr
yes Divide mine 1859
yes East Yellow Jacket rr
yes Fivemile House
no Flowery City
no Formanville 1881
yes Fort Riley 1860
yes Gilpin rr 1905
yes Homestead 1865
yes Lockwood 1923
yes Long Valley
no Lousetown mine 1860
no Mark Twain Estates
yes Mustang
no Red Mountain City mine 1864
yes Rock Island 1874
no Six Mile Canyon mine 1884
yes Summit House
yes The Scales
yes Union Mill rr
no Valley Wells 1876
no Washington mine 1860
yes Wunotoo rr

Storey County Summary
9 no go + 20 been there + 1 no find = 30 Total Places

Symbol Key:

Other Nevada Counties: Churchill , Clark , Douglas , Elko , Eureka , Humbolt , Lander , Lincoln , Lyon , Mineral , Nye , Ormsby , Pershing , Storey , Washoe , White Pine

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